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  • Provide Information and practical help on specialist issues relating to physical or mental health.

  • Campaign on Issues that affect the lives of people with a disability.

Text which says 'Remind yourself it's okay not to be perfect'
An adviser is helping a client complete a benefit form
Medical staff helping a man to use a mobility aid
 Holding hands to provide emotional support

Access to Disability Benefits



We can assist with completion of various disability benefit

forms, mandatory reconsiderations and representation at disability tribunals.


We can help you contact the DWP, Job Centre, Housing Department, Social Work, Scottish Welfare Fund and Foodbank referral amongst others. 

Home visits can be arranged occasionally for people who are housebound.

Aids/Equipment and Travel 


We can provide information about accessing aids/equipment and

adaptations. We recently assisted a client to obtain a grant for a mobility scooter.


We can also help with finding accessible holidays. 

Information can be provided about travel, eg Blue Badge applications, Bus Pass or Rail travel, also Taxicard or Dial a Journey.

Emotional Support


Whilst we do not provide counselling, we can offer emotional support in a safe, confidential environment for anyone who, due to their circumstances, may be finding life difficult and who feel they would benefit from a confidential, listening ear. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been providing a telephone service to clients who may be in isolation and in need of someone to talk to.

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